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Heechul/Ssul Jeon Talking About the Kris Incident

So I couldn’t find any subbed versions of this, but I felt that this is important. Heechul, who is known to be absolutely fearless of his own company, has basically become the first non-EXO SM member to speak about the events that have taken place over the past week. 

For non-Korean speakers (summary):

Heechul says: Kris’ situation is very different from Hangeng’s because Hangeng had difficulties in SM/Korea as the very first non-Korean idol and only Chinese member. He was only allowed on two programs, and he had a hard time adjusting to Korean celebrity life. He was also most likely lonely as the only Chinese member in SJ (this is said by someone else). SM learned from this mistake, and this is why they had 4 Chinese members instead of one.

More importantly, Kris’ biggest problem is that he broke the trust his fans had him in and disappointed them. He left with only a week until the concert, completely ruining the pre-recordings, choreographies, and other plans for the concert that have been prepared for months. Everything is in complete chaos right now. In my opinion, this is somewhat disrespectful to his fans. However, I think that we might have been able to predict this somewhat as before as there were many previous incidents, such as Kris suddenly disappearing from stage or not showing up to schedules. 

(The other Ssul Jeon members then talk about how it is true that Hangeng is making a lot of money after he left SJ, and that this precedent may have lured Kris, especially as many Chinese investors most likely promised him huge amounts of money if he left SM). Heechul then says that there are so many rumors that SM forced members to post negatively about Kris on SNS, but the others say that it makes sense that the members feel betrayed that someone they worked hard with suddenly left, and Heechul agrees. 

Heechul’s conclusion is "The people who are probably most upset are the fans and the other members."

Side note: Heechul speaks very carefully on this matter, saying a lot of Korean equivalents of “This is just my opinion but…” and “It might have been…” and etc. He’s trying to be polite and respectful, don’t hate on him.

Anonnie asked: Can you do a reaction where you're an idol and they feel like your backup dancer was too "touchy" with you in your latest MV? Thank you~ and I love your blog xx


I had serious writers block while making this… I’m sorry…

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Sehun: *Watching the whole video like this*


Xiumin: I will bitch slap him so hard, his childrens faces will resemble my hand.


Lay: *Done with this shit*


D.O: What is this?!




impossibly possible

This is a vlog about the marriage and wedding. I made it some days ago. I was smoking some maryjane I thought I had lost but found (!!), and I was extremely emotional that day. So I thought it was a FUN and COOL idea to record myself attempt to articulate my sentiments thus far. Check it, this thing is going to start off stronnnng, like the camera cuts out for a second and I’ll just be crying. Damn. I’ve been very anxious and overwhelmed lately. Wedding planning hasn’t been that difficult, but it’s mainly Alex and I out here trying to organize this all so I’m worried we have no idea what we’re doing? Like I hope people will have fun and think it’s a lovely wedding.

And so, I want to apologize for the disgusting nose dripping/wiping and my dramatic vocal intonations.

I think the theme of my life right now is: “the impossible is being made possible”, and it’s all through Alex because until I met him I was never going to commit myself to anyone for life. You end up loving people and even while loving them you just knew this shit wasn’t about to last forever. There are people who you encounter who just feel temporary. They may take residence in your heart and pay the rent, but they end up merely being a single chapter or anecdote in your life. And then you meet that particular human being who changes how certain and sure you feel about “forever”. 

It’s happening (!!).


[140717] Wu Yi Fan Returns to Serenade Once Again with ‘时间煮雨 (Time Boils the Rain)’

Wu Yi Fan returns to serenade fans with a fuller and more vibrant voice as he lends his musical emotions for Tiny Times 3.0’s soundtrack, ‘时间煮雨 (Time Boils the Rain),’ today, July 17th, as the third installment of the said film opens to its Chinese audience.

Prior to its premiere for the public cinemas, writer-director Guo Jingming confirmed the newest rendition, courtesy of Wu, of the all-time favorite theme ‘时间煮(Time Boils the Rain)’ on his personal Weibo Account. Following his post which also sent indirect encouraging messages to Wu who is returning as a singer for the first time since his casting in ‘有一个地方只有我们知道Somewhere Only We Know,’ as well as encouraged the fans to ‘listen with their hearts’ despite absence of his physical appearance in the film, the post was re-posted by media men and Tiny Times actors Kai Ko and Chen Xuedong. Wu Yi Fan, himself, also re-posted the customized poster Tiny Times crew dedicated to him, while quoting a meaningful part of the lyrics and adding his sincere thanks to his fans,Mei Ge Ni. Since then, fans have been anticipating the release of the drama music video for the song, to follow the release of the previously revealed ones like Jolin Tsai’s and Sodagreen’s tracks for the film.

The early screenings at 12 midnight proved to be blessing to the expecting fans who attended, as the revelation of Singer Wu’s return happened before their very eyes, within the majestic confines of the theater. The house was full, attended by fans of Wu and fans of Tiny Times alike. For most that were there, Mei Ge Ni and non-Mei Ge Ni, praises for Wu’s voice and version of the song reflected on Weibo, as the topic trended along with the discussions of the film itself.

‘Time Boils the Rain’ has been one of Tiny Times original soundtrack since 1.0 and 2.0, with the song previously sung by Yu Kewei. The lyrics convey heartwarming promises people make with the ones they care about; perfectly capturing the relationships of the lead characters. The staff, along with Wu, promised to bring a new ‘feel’ to the all-time favorite track as he lends his voice for Tiny Times 3.0.

Tiny Times is a story of four Shanghainese young women who, from high school to adulthood, have dealt with issues of friendship, life, love, and career. The original novels were written by the director himself, Guo  Jingming. The latest installment opens to public Chinese cinemas on July 17.

Meanwhile, Wu Yi Fan is still in Prague, Czech Republic, for the filming of his upcoming big screen debut, ‘有一个地方只有我们知道(Somewhere Only We Know),’ which will come to cinemas on February 2015.

Written by wingsofeternity

Photo credit: 葵Sha

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